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Jimmy Williams (W),  Jim Herman (H), Bill Pate (P)

Next Meeting:  9-8-2008     Time:   7:40 a.m
            Place:   Chateau Elan Resort and Spa
                          Woodlands Course

We have had weekly meetings; however, our WEBMASTER has been out of touch.  He should be returning with weekly updates soon!

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A very limited number of memberships are available.  Contact a member regarding acceptance and criteria.

Membership activity: 
                              Approvals: 2002 - 1
                                                2003 - 1
                                                2007 - 2
                                         YTD 2008 - 0
                                 Declines:          - 0

Email: whpgolfclub@bellsouth.net
Telephone:  770-513-7076



Weather related tee time cancellations and delays are subject to golf course restrictions, otherwise meetings will be held as scheduled.  Personal last minute cancellations by any member or guest is discouraged.  

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             Jimmy Williams                                  Jim Herman                                         Bill Pate
       (charter member #001)                       (charter member #002)                         (charter member #003)

              Jerry Cheadle

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Meeting Archives

 8-20-2008: Wednesday:  Again only 50% of the membership in attendance.  We will have a drive for new members if attendance continues to decline (members can remain a member as long as dues are paid regardless of attendance).  Bill Pate and Jim Herman were singled out as outstanding participants of this meeting.

8-11-2008: Tuesday:  Only 50% of the membership in attendance with one guest, Craig Skok.  It was a wonderful morning and the meeting was nice. 

7-22-2008: Tuesday:  With only a 50% membership attendance, the participants had a fast meeting but needed assistance when encounters with two large snakes (on holes 10 & 15) halted the meeting abruptly!  Both were crossing their respective fairways and members gladly let them pass in the silence of infamey from which--according to members present--they deserve.

7-15-2008: Tuesday:  Another 100% membership attendance held on the senic Woodlands Course at Chateau Elan.  This was the first experience for 25% or membership on this narrow and picturesque course with its plush green hills and meadows.  A great time for all!

7-8-2008: Tuesday:  100% membership attendance for this bright morning meeting on the Chateau Course at Chateau Elan.  All had a great time and shared family information that was accomplished during the long 4th of July weekend spent with family. 

7-1-2008: Tuesday:  Refreshing cool breezes (58 degrees) met the members as they gathered on the Chateau Course for their 4th of July meeting. 75% of members present welcomed guest Craig Skok.  Noteworthy was CM#2's historic personal best on the plush greenery of the rolling Chateau Course!  All had a red, white and blue great time!

6-24-2008: Tuesday:  Only 50% of the membership showed up and they missed a record breaking event on the Woodlands Course.  Not only did CM#1 have 4 pars on the back nine, he achieved a personal best in participation and led all members!!!  The other 1/2 of the 50% present did very well although in a supporting role.  We fully expect attendence to pick up for our annual July 4th celebration on July 1, 2008.  Please remember to wear red, white and blue!

6-17-2008: Tuesday:  With a 3/4 magority present the excitment of a new meeting place greeted the group with a tough challenge.  Not until the half way through the meeting did the members open up and proceed with gusto!  The air hose to clean our shoes was the highlite of the meeting!

6-9-2008: Monday:  Only 1/2 of the members showed up for this very warm meeting.  The members present completed the gathering with scores near the temperature which was somewhere in the high 80s and low 90s!!!!  We anticipate higher participation going forward!!!!

6-3-08: Tuesday:  All members were present, no guests.  By a tight margin of 3 votes Jerry Cheadle's status was narrowly approved to change to a full member from a member in waiting.  Members carried a heavy burden of concern for those individuals who returned to work this week from a few days off during Memorial Holiday Celebrations.  A moment of silence should have been observed; however the members were enjoying the day on the senic Chateau Golf Course with little time for non pleasurable items to think of!!!!    

5-26-2008: Tuesday:  The Charter Members enjoyed a most remarkable morning meeting in the cool spring breeze.  CM#3 accumalted a 38 (one over par) on the front side....the back side score shall remain in infamey!  Summer is approaching and many of our Charter members will be scooting off to enjoy well earned vacation time from the hetic schedule of being retired!  


4-22-2008: Tuesday:  Today's meeting was short due to heavy absentees from membership and no guests.  It lasted 3 hours and 5 minutes on the Chateau Course.  Noteable: The presentations of CMs #2 and #3 were acceptable, but not met with overwhelming excitement.

4-2-2008: Wednesday:  The weather was warm and delightful and the color of green was starting to appear on the greens and fairways for this exciting meeting.  All had a great time and CM# 2 achieved a much desired goal that has evaded him numereous occasions on the this tough and challenging Woodlands Course.   

3-29-2008: Saturday:  FBCD Invitational Tournament.   WHP Golf CM's #1, #2, #3 and a guest tied for 1st Place but lost in a playoff.  We had 8 birdies, 1 bogey and the remainder were par.  The low gross of 65 was indeed a great accomplishment!  Congratulations to us!  Potential member Bill Maultsby was evaluated on this date.  Results are pending.  It was noted that he was extremly nervous while riding in the cart with CM #2.

3-27-2008: Thursday:  Preparations continued for the upcoming FBCD Invitational by each member by trying their winning shots on the tight and narrow Woodlands Course.  Scoring was as high as our spirits--although the former is not necessarily disired.  Much fun by all members!

3-18-2008: Tuesday: A change of date by a majority of CMs led to a cool cloudy meeting on the narrow and challenging Woodlands Course wher CM #1 enjoyed five pars...a personal best!  Anticipation is growing for the upcoming FBCD Invitational where CMs #1, #2, and #3 have been invited to participate based on their skill levels (or lack there of...and for a fee)--on this same Woodlands Course.        

3-11-2008: Tuesday:  Daylight Savings Time brought a chill to the forecast of warmth when this meeting was planned earlier; however, the members carried on in the cool near spring weather.  The fairways and rough were kind on occasion and the woods remained far enough away to prevent major problems--on occasion.  Much fun was experienced on this bright outing with nary an astrisk to be entered to deviate from the truth.

3-03-08: Monday:  March was like a lamb at today's meeting.  Upper 40s at the start and low 70s at the end.  It was exciting, suspensful and much fun....on every decision and subsquent follow thru to action!  Upcoming Events:  CM's #1, #2 and #3 will participate in the upcoming FBCD Tournament on March 29, 2008.  NOTE:  Potential member Bill Maultsby will be evaluated during this meeting!

2-19-08: Tuesday: Another pleasant cool February meeting.  Much of the meeting resembled last week's meeting and the members were glad to find the warmth of their vehicles following the meeting conclusion.  Nothing like a cool and windy February day in the open air to realize appreciation of hot sunny days in July!         

 2-13-08: Wednesday:  Members were chilled to the bone by the dramatic decrease in temperature at today's early meeting.  From 50 to 37 with wind gusts to 30 MPH did not discourage the members as they took on the elements and the challenge of the Woodlands Course.  At the end of the four hour meeting most members seemed to have gained weight due to their visible bulky appearance, but alas it was only the additonal clothing added during the meeting.  It was a day to remember!  Especially, later, in front of a roaring fire in the fireplace at home!

2-4-08: Monday: A damp start to todays meeting was from the ground up and not the sky downward.  Just after sunrise the course received enough rain to fill the streams and some of the fairways on the challenging Woodlands Course.  The members sloshed onward and completed the meeting criteria in less than four hours.  CM#3 was not available to sustain his previous results....and was missed.  It was a fun day with an abundant amount of highs and lows!

1-29-08: Tuesday:  Following a week off due to snow, rain and cold weather, club members leaped on the Chateau Course with determination to overcome the pleasures or displeasures of the recent layoff.  A cool partly cloudy morn gave way to warmth and wind by the meeting end.  Noteworthy:  One of our members arouse from his sick bed and blazed thru the course to score a 79!!  Ahhh, what fun it must be...but for some of us to never know.. but to only share in the joy of others...and that we will!

1-16-08: Wednesday: A cold bitter morning greeted the members but enthusiasm was not frozen as was the course.  Following hot coffee and great conversation the members floated to the first tee and were delightfully joined by a guest, Christopher Markley, from PA.  All enjoyed the brisk January temperature and played as well as could be under the harsh, but enjoyable weather!  There are blooms on my cherry tree so warm weather is just a couple of weeks away!!

1-08-2008: Tuesday: A mild and cloudy January morning with heavy fog greeted the members as they gathered on the rolling hills of Chateau Elan Resort.  Emotions were high along with expectations as the meeting began with one birdie from a member!  Perhaps the heavy dense fog assisted as members were unable to track progress more than 50-75 yards.  The wind picked up and the fog cleared within the 1st hour.  All present members left the meeting the same as beginning---happy, carefree and with sympathy for those who could not participate with us!

No meeting week of 12-30-07 thru 1-5-08 due to members individual celebration of the New Year! 

12-27-07: Thursday:  The after Christmas meeting was a welcome relief from the busy holiday!  Members switched to the Woodlands Course for better manuverbility and enjoyed a cool and pleasant Holiday treat.  Highlight of the meeting was CM#3's new yardage finder and "smokey" the head cover! 

12-18-07: Wednesday: A very pleasant, but chilly, morning greeted the members.  There were some bright spots during the day and also in the meeting content, although not altogether consistent to meet the high standards of the members.  Happy Holidays to all members from all members and it is understood some meetings may be missed during this joyful Christmas Season!

12-11-07: Tuesday:  An unusually warm day for the eleventh of December...one the members delighted in by meeting at 8:04 a.m.  By the 8th tee box most members had shed clothing and wished they had shorts!  It was a pleasant outing, one which saw different members aspire to great heights occasionally and the depths of humanity sparsely!

12-05-2007 Wednesday:  Members felt exhilarated in the cool December air, with only an occasional hint of a windy artic blast that succumbed to sunshine peeking between high partial clouds.  There were no visitors so the members played with an unbound restriction rather than traditional decor.  CM#2 enjoyed a most successful meeting but forgot, temporarily, to abide with traditional pleasantries following the meeting--CM#3 promptly intervened and all responded correctly.  All members were happy--when faced with the alternative--to have participated in this meeting! 

11-28-07:  Wednesday:  Our 8:04 time was too early for sunshine and warmth so the members and one guest visitied a local eating establishment.  By 9:45 a.m. the much anticipated gathering commenced and warmth grew steadly the next one hour...to the point that additionally layers of meeting attire were shed.  Our guest, Craig Skok, left before the delayed meeting began due to other commitments.  It was a bright sunny, but cool, fall day...one the members enjoyed somewhat more favorable than the meeting content!--which the members declared to change by the next meeting date!!!

11-21-2007: Wednesday: Our meeting opened with the recognition of a guest that was being evaluated as a potential member--Mr. Jerry Cheadle.  The brisk cool morning was cheerfully greeted by all and it gave way to warm sunshine before mild blustery wind and partly cloudy skies moved in near the end of the meeting.  All members present and one guest.  Noteworthy:  Jimmy Williams had a rare consectutive 3's on two adjacent holes.  All members were delighted with the opportunites experienced! 

11-14-2007: Wednesday:  An unusually pleasant morning at 8:04 a.m. energized the club members.  Later a brilliant fall sun glistened throughout the startling fall colors on the trees that gracefully adorn the Woodlands Course.  All members present except for Bill Pate.  Noteworthy:  Jim Wiliams and Jim Herman experienced many highs and lows remenicent of a childhood see-saw ride!

11-5-2007: Wednesday:  No meeting this week due to other committments of members.
Noteworthy:  All members now have a TaylorMade 3 Burner!

11-1-2007: Thursday:  Long pants were the norm for this meeting, yet later most wished for lighter attire as the cool morning breeze gently turned to warm fall golden sunshine.  All members present and one visitor present, Kevin Williams.  The Chateau Course retained its green color and its usual challenge...yet all members and guest realished in the outdoor abundance of beauty with but few disappointments.  Noteworthy:  All had a great time and absorbed the fullness of another wonderful day!

10-23-2007: Tuesday:  The early morning threat of rain did not materalize except for a five minute brief drizzle on the parched fairways of the Woodlands Course at Chateau Elan Resort.  Our meeting continued un- interrupted with all members present, no visitors.  General consensus amoung the members that a rain postponed meeting would not be adverse, in fact, welcomed!  Noteworthy:  Jimmy Williams, Jim Herman and Bill Pate had an enjoyable round of golf that was different than expected.  There was a rare double birdey on hole #11 by Bill Pate and Jim Herman.  

10-17-2007: Wednesday. The 7:32 a.m. meeting scheduled for the Reunion Golf Course has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.  Although the members of the club were disappointed, they understood that urgent family matters must be attended first. 

10-9-2007:  Tuesday.  Sunrise golf meeting was held six minutes before sunrise on another wonderful day--7:32 a.m on the challenging Woodlands Course at Chateau Elan Resort.  Cloud cover arrived on the 5th hole and the temp remained in the 70s.  Absent:  Jim Williams.  No visitors.  Noteworthy:  Bill Pate and Jim Herman played reasonably well and had a great time!

10-3-2007   Wednesday October 3, 2007, all members present except Jimmy Williams.  We had one visitor, Wesley Herman.  It was a beautiful day in the mid to upper 70s and high overcast clouds with a gentle sprinkle of sparkling rain drops for a brief, but welcomed, 5 minutes.  Noteworthy: Bill Pate, Jim Herman and Wes Herman played exceptionally well and had a great time!

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Some of our past Visitors

       Craig Skok                                     Dick Shumate                        Wesley Herman
          (Jerry Cheadle elevated to member page)

           Avery Herman                            Jason Herman                   Not Pictured:  Kevin Williams, Jason Pate, Howard Holly, Bill Maultsby, Dan Hall, Frank Tetterton, Jim Buckman, Bill Folks, Terry Evans, Mike Inderrieden, Harold Herman

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