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                     Julia Eleen McCallister Herman's maternal ancesters

>Etha Eleen Vinsett married Walter Wilburn Buchanan (maternal grandmother)

>>John Smith Vinesett (1868-1928

>>>Johnson Vinesett (1846-1928)

>>>>John Vinesett (1803- ? )

>>>>>John Vinesett (1770 -  ? )


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           Etha Eleen Vinesett (1896-1989)


Etha Eleen Vinesett was born Dec 14, 1896 in Gaffney (Grassy Pond area), Cherokee County, South Carolina.  She died Sept 9, 1989 in Fort Mill, York County, South Carolina.  She married Walter Wilburn Buchanan.
        Etha Eleen "Maw-maw" Vinesett Buchanan & Walter Wilburn Buchanan circa 1970

Father> John Smith Vinesett


Mary Julia                  1917-1998   married Furnie Burnie Gibson 1912-1990
John Edmund            1919-2003   married Ila Grace Moody
Frances Kathryn Buchanan           married Carl Arthur McCallister
Majorie Elneda          1923- ?        married Russell Gizzard Hall
Walter Wilburn Jr      1925-1998   married 1)Margaret Millwood 2)Betty Burnette
Patricia Eileen           1925-1998   married Charles Short
Nancy Carolyn           1932-2002   married Sylvester Charles Salamone
James Dean "Bud"                        married Clara Alice Evans
Larry Dane                                    married Ethel Farmer
Sylvia Suzzane                              married James Waddell Rockholdt


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          John Smith Vinesett (1868-1928)

John Smith Vinesett married Mary Jones Humphries.  John Smith Vinesett was the Cherokee County, South Carolina coroner for 28 years.  He had only one arm (reason unknown for the one lost limb) and also owned and operated a small grocery store.  One of his grandchildren, Francis Kathryn Buchanan McCallister, vividly remembers as a child visiting with him where he would bounce his grandchildren on his lap and make them laugh while always giving them, not one piece of candy from the supply in the store, but instead giving each of them a small bag of candy.

Father> Johnson Vinesett

Daughter> Etha Eleen Vinesett (Buchanan)
Sons>        Herbert Dewitt Vinesett
                  Oren Everett Vinesett

John Smith Vinesett also had a second marriage to Sarah Jane George and they had three daughters: 
                  >Marie Lois who was shot during a bar room brawl
                  >Anna L. who married Troy Webber
                  >Mary C. who married  ?  Woods

His third marriage was to Florence Montgomery.  No Children

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                Johnson Vinesett (1846-1928)


Johnson Vinesett married Nancy Christmas Smith Nance (Sarratt Turner) born in 1841 and died in 1924.  She was born on Christmas day and was named after her mother's maiden name (Smith) and her father Dr. Zachariah B. Nance.  Her first marriage was to James Calvin Turner born 1840 who was killed in the Civil War in 1862.  Her second marriage (1862 or 1863) was to William Anthony Sarrat born Oct 28, 1838 who was also killed in the Civil War Jun 16, 1864.  Third marriage was to Johnson Vinesett around 1864/1865.

She had four children with 1st marriage James Calvin Turner:
>Clarence B. Turner      (1857-  ? )
>Mary Elizabeth Turner (1859-1864) "Drowned"
>Doc Nance Turner       (1861-1864) "Drowned"
>James B. Turner         (1862-1864) "Drowned"

Second marriage with Sarratt produced one child:
> Lemuel V. Sarratt       (1864-1944) married Victoria Blanton

Third Marriage with Johnson Vinesett produced six children:
>John Smith Vinesett
>Robert Vinesett        (1869-?)
>Joseph G. Vinesett   (1871-1947) married Isabella B. Blanton
>William C. Vinesett   (1876-1961) married Effy B. Sarratt
>Terrel Vinesett         (1878- ?)
>Mamie O. Vinesett    (1880-1902) married- 1.)John L. Sarratt 2.)John Blanton

Father> John Vinesett (1803-?)


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              John Vinesett (1803 - ? )


John Vinesett married Mary Farmer.

Father> John Vinesett (1770 - ? )

Son> Johnson Vinesett


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        John Vinesett (1770 - ? )


John Vinesett born 1770.  Married ?     Died ?


Father>   ?

Son> John Vinesett (1803)


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