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                             Peter Herman (1767-1853)

Peter HERMAN (Johannes Wilhelm) (Johann Georg Herrmann) (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr.) (Hans Herrmann)

     Peter Herman was the fourth child and the third male child born to Johannes Wilhelm and Catherine Herrmann.  He was born late in the year of 1767--exact date unknown--in Berks County PA.  The third child, Catherine (Cattie) was one year older than Peter.  She was conceived in Germany and born in Berks Country PA December 21, 1776--just two months after the family arrived from Germany.

     Peter, similar to all the second generation children of Johannes and Catherine Herrmann, was very prosperous, owning land near his father in Lyles Creek and farther north several miles near the Catawba River.  Following marriage to Barbara Bowman in 1795 he farmed his land in the area until 1828.  He and Barbara purchased 251 acres of farm land from Barbara's father, George Bowman, about 30 miles south near Maiden.  This farm became known for many years as the Peter Herman Place.  When Peter and Barbara left the Catawba river area in the northern part of Catawba County, they gave land to the local community to build a church.  The church was named St. Peter's Luthern Church and is a viable and active church today--2005.

     Both Peter Herman and Barbara Bowman Herman died in the early 1850s--some reports say 1853-the date his will was filed.  A copy of his will is on file at the Catawba County Courthouse, Hickory NC--1853, Book 1, page 105.  Their burial spot is not identified but more than likely was on the "Peter Herman Place" farm.  Peter Herman and Barbara Bowman Herman had the following children:

>Katherine Herman (1796 -  )

>Elizabeth Herman  (1800 - 1877)

>Sarah "Sallie" Herman (1795 -  )

>George HERMAN (1802 -1861 ) 

>Mathias Herman (1808 -   )

>Ephriam A. Herman (1808 - 1874)

>Mary Anna Herman (1813 - 1892)

>Ruby Lorina "Rissa" or "Dessa" Herman (1813 -   )

>John Herman (1813 - 1866)

>Rachel Herman


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