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                 John Pinkney Herman (Dec 24, 1858-Nov 2, 1939)

John Pinkney HERMAN (Abel Herman) (George Herman) (Peter Herman) (Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann) (Johann Georg Herrmann) (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr.) (Hans Herrmann


      John Pinkney Herman married Mary Catherine (Caroline) SMITH before 1882. Mary Catherine (Caroline) Smith was born before 1865.  Following the death of Mary Catherine, John Pinkney remarried Addie Bright.  John Pinkney lived in several locations in Caldwell County:  The North Catawba Church area; two different houses in Hudson NC and on a farm in the Rhodhiss section of Caldwell County near the Catawba River.    He was a well known maker, and seller, of "good whiskey"  before the era of prohibition, and had several stills.  With the onslaught of prohibition he built houses and farmed.  Grave site is located at Mountain Grove Baptist Church Cemetary, Connelly Springs Road, Baton, North Carolina (Caldwell county).

  John Pinkney Herman and Mary Catherine (Caroline) SMITH had the following children:

>Fannie Phoebe Ann Herman (named after his mother Phoebe Kent Herman) 
>Ellis Abel Herman (named after his grandfather Abel Herman)
>Johnsie Pearl Herman
>Bertha Lillian Herman


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