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                  John Benfield Jr. (1775 - 1855)


John Benfield was born in East Oley, Berks, PA and died in Rabun County, GA.  He married Elizabeth Hartle who was born in Lincoln County, NC around 1775.  She also died around 1855 and is buried in Rabun County, GA.

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Father> Johannes Benfield (John Benfield Sr.)

Sons>  Joesph S. Benfield

           John Benfield III (1800 - ? ) Born in Lincoln County NC and Married Margaret Bolick (Bolch).

           Daniel Benfield (1803 - 1836) Born and died in Lincoln County NC.  Married Elizabeth Pitts
           March 23, 1823.

           Absalum Benfield ( Jan 20, 1815 - July 10, 1903) Born in Lincoln County NC and died in Rabun
           County Georgia.      Married Nancy Schueffler in 1837 in Rabun County GA.


           Saphronia Benfield (1809 - 1870) Born in Lincoln County NC and died in Rabun County GA.
           Married Adam Teem from Burke County NC about 1830.

           Susan Benfield (July 6, 1810 - Sep 15, 1896) Born Lincoln County NC and died Rabun County GA.
           Married in Rabun County GA to Daniel Monroe Teem Sept 15, 1830.

           Lydia "Liddy" Benfield (1816 - Feb 15, 1871) Born in Lincoln County NC and died in Ducktown,
           Polk County, Tennessee where she was married (in 1835) to Thomas Benfield.

           Jemima Benfield (Oct 10, 1818 - 1906) Born Lincoln County NC and died Rabun County GA.
           Married in 1835 to Henry Benfield.

           Mary "Polly" Benfield (Oct 10, 1818 - 1895) Born in Lincoln County NC.  Married Ellis Smith about

EXCERPT FROM VOYAGE TO AMERICA 1766(copywrite 2006 Jim Herman)

               1798 – John Benfield Jr. – Elks and Lyles Creek, Lincoln County, North Carolina     




     The memory of his mother Elizabeth, who died in Pennsylvania at the age of twenty-one following the birth of his twin siblings when he was a two year old toddler in 1777, had mostly slipped away.  Any lasting memory of her for the now twenty-four year old John Benfield Jr. was mostly what he heard from his father, John Benfield Sr.  His father spoke of her often during their long trip down the great wagon road back in the year 1783 and over the years since; but not so much when his step-mother Catherine Bolch Benfield was present.  Perhaps the strong attraction he now had toward the young and attractive Elizabeth Hartle was in part because of the same name she shared with his mother.  John Jr. had met Elizabeth Hartle several years earlier while growing up on his father’s farm on Elks Creek, where they settled after leaving Pennsylvania.  He and Elizabeth Hartle attended church together at the Deutsch Meeting House in the township of Conover. The weekly wagon rides to and from church were often shared by several families.  It was here on these wagon rides, he became friends with some Herman children and the Hartle family.

     John Benfield Jr., with assistance from his father, acquired farm acreage near his father’s land to the north and southward adjoining the large farm of the John William Herman family.  John Benfield Jr. and Elizabeth Hartle married in the latter part of 1798 and moved to a new log home on this farm a few months later in the early months of the year 1799.

     During the next twenty years they lived and farmed in the area while adding four daughters and four sons to their rapidly expanding family.  They had the following children:  John Benfield III, born in 1800; Daniel Benfield born in 1803; Joseph Benfield born in 1807; Saphronia Benfield born in 1809; Susan Benfield born in 1810; Absalum Benfield born in 1815, and twins Jemima and Mary “Polly” Benfield born in the year 1818.

     In the cool early spring of the year 1820 John Benfield Jr., now forty-five years old, grew restless and decided to try farming, and rumors of finding gold, in the low Blue Ridge Mountain foothills of Rabun, Georgia.  He sold all of his land to his three oldest boys, John III, age twenty, Daniel age seventeen, and thirteen year old Joseph.

     Packing securely as many of the family belongs as his Conestoga wagon would hold—the same wagon he traveled in with his father and twin brother and sister on their family trip down the great wagon road from Pennsylvania thirty-seven years earlier--John Benfield Jr. departed with his remaining family, with anticipation to strike it rich ,to Raburn Georgia.


Lincoln County Land Records:

February  23, 1802, Lincoln  County, NC Deed Book 20:471: JOHN  BENFIELD, JR. purchased 62 acres on Lyles Creek from Clisby Cobb

1819   Lincoln  County, NC Court Records, April 1819 - Orders were given to lay [?] off years allowance to widow of JOHN  BENFIELD;

Letters of Administration granted to JOHN  Benfeld, JR.  JOHN  BENFIELD, SR.’S widow declined to be administer.

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