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                   Johann Georg Herrmann (1699-1774)


Johann Georg Herrmann (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr) (Hans Herrmann)

Johann George Herrmann was born at Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia Feb 19, 1699.  He died Oct 20, 1774 in Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia.

Johann Georg Herrmann married Anna Margaretha GUENTHER at Graefenstuhl, Saxe Prussia in 1734.  She was born in 1714 at Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia; died July 7, 1785 at Graefenstuhl, Sachsen, Prussia.  Her parents were Hans Christian Guenther and Anna Catharina TRAUE Guenther.

They had the following children:

>Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann - Jul 18, 1736

>Johanna Louisa Herrmann - Jan 19, 1738

>Magdalena Elisabeth Herrmann - Aug 14, 1749

>Anna Dorothea Herrmann - Sep 21, 1759

>Johann Carl Herrmann Sep 27, 1746

>Johann Gottlieb Herrmann Dec 21, 1741

>Johann Friedrich Herrmann Dec 30, 1739


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