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                        George Herman (Feb 21, 1802--Aub 6, 1861)


George HERMAN (Peter HERMAN) (Johannes Wilhelm HERRMANN) (Johann Georg Herrmann) (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr.) (Hans Herrmann)

            George was named after his uncle George Herman who sailed to America with Johannes and Catherine when he was almost 3 years old.


    George Herman and Barbara Hunsucker had the following children:

>Abel Herman (1833 - 1864)

>David Herman (1835 -   )

>William L. Herman (1838 - 1864)

>Leander Herman (1841 -   )

>Delena Herman (1833 -  )

>Wilson Herman (1842 -   )

From the book, Voyage to America, 1766 

 George Herman (1802-1861) - First son of Peter Herman and grandson of Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann

George Herman lived and worked his father’s farms near the Catawba River in the northern part of Lincoln/Catawba County, and at the Clark’s Creek farm where the family moved when he was age twenty-eight.  Here he remained with them until he married at age thirty-one.  Eleven years older than his eighteen year old bride, Barbara Hunsucker, they married on January 21, 1833.  Later this same year Barbara gave birth to a son they named Abel, the first of six children.
During the first four years of their marriage, George and Barbara worked and lived on his father Peter’s large farm located on the west fork of Clark’s Creek, a few miles from the Township of Maiden.  Here a second son, David, was born in the year 1835.

Before finally striking out on his own at age thirty-five in the year 1837, George and his wife left their two first born children, four year old Abel and two year old David, with his father and mother, Peter and Barbara Bowman Herman, promising to return for the two boys once they were settled in their new surroundings. 
George Herman and his wife Barbara Hunsucker Herman left the area and traveled north across the Catawba River.  Settling in the valley below the small range of mountainous hills called Brushy Mountains, near the township of Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  They remained in this area and never returned to Lincoln County but once.  They came back two years later to reclaim their two sons.  Returning back to Wilkesboro with only the younger son David, Abel was left behind with his grandfather Peter Herman.

The remaining four other children of George and Barbara Hunsucker were born here in Wilkesboro, North Carolina: William L. Herman, born in 1838; Leander Herman, born in1841; Delana Herman; and lastly, Wilson Herman, born in 1842.
George and Barbara Hunsucker Herman lived out the years of their life near Wilkesboro, North Carolina.  George died following the start of the Civil War.  Several years later his wife Barbara died.

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