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                     (maternal ancesters of Julia Eleen McCallister Herman)

>FNU Francklyn (1514- ?)


>>Thomas Francklyn (1537- ?)


>>>Henry Franklin (1573-1631)


>>>>Benjamin Thomas Franklin (1598-1681)


>>>>>Josiah Franklin (1657-1745)


>>>>>>John Franklin Sr. (1690-1756)

John Franklin Jr. (1727-1819)


>>>>>>>>Samuel Franklin (1780-1857)


>>>>>>>>>David S. Franklin (1819-1890)


>>>>>>>>>>Nancy Adelaide Franklin (1847-1916)


>>>>>>>>>>>Julia Emma Franklin (1857-1959) (Julia Eleen McCallister Herman's

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                       Julia Emma Franklin (1873-1959)

Julia Emma Franklin was born in Linville Falls, NC July 4, 1873.  She died Oct 20, 1959.  She married Edmund M. Buchanan Oct 16, 1890 in Mitchell County, NC, witnessed by Jasper Jones.  He was born Apr 14, 1871 and died Sept 16, 1948.  Julia Emma Franklin Buchanan is the great grandmother of Julia Eleen McCallister Herman.


Mother> Nancy Adelaide Franklin 


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             Nancy Adelaide Franklin (1847-1916)

Nancy Adelaide Franklin was born May 24, 1847 in Linville Falls, NC.  She died October 1, 1916.   She married Robert Ganaway wise Sept 10, 1881 when she was 34 years old.  Eight years earlier Nancy Adelaide Franklin gave birth to Julie Emma Franklin.  There is no evidence of the father’s name.  Word of mouth handed down through Julia Franklin’s children and grandchildren state that Julia was illegitimate and never knew her father’s name.


Father> David Franklin


Daughter> Julia Emma Franklin



Margaret Missouri Wise

L. Virginia Wise

Della Blanche Wise

Violet L. Wise

Cleveland G. Wise


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             David S. Franklin (1819-1890)

David S. Franklin was born in Connelly Springs, NC April 15, 1819.  He died July 16, 1890 (one month prior to his wife) in Linville Falls, NC.   He married Eliza Gragg.  She was born in Burke County, NC March 10, 1824 and died August 13, 1890 in Linville Falls,  NC.


David was 12 years old when his family moved to Linville Falls, NC from Connelly Springs, NC.


Father>  Samuel Franklin



Albert Johnston                 (1842-1917)

David S.                               (1845-1891) married Nancy Matilda Carpenter 11/16/1870

Nancy Adelaide Franklin  (1847-1916)
James Gaither                      (1852-1914) married Elizabeth Carpenter 1/23/1873

Theodore Columbus          (1853-1904) married (1) Nancy Ellen Fox (2) Rhoda Ellen Edwards


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Samuel Franklin (1757-1857)

Samuel Franklin was born about 1780 in Burke County, Connelly Springs, NC.  He died July 12, 1857 in Linville Falls, NC.  He married Dorcus Parker (sometimes know as Burns) on Aug 6, 1800 in Mecklenburg County, NC.  Dorcus Parker was born around 1782 and died in 1850.  Both are buried at Pisgah Church Cemetery, Linville Falls, NC area.


Around 1830 land grants were opened up in the Blue Ridge Mountains including Linville Falls and Samuel was one of the first to stake claim.  The family moved there in 1831 from Connelly Springs, NC, about 50 miles west northwest.  He claimed 400 acres for each of his five male children.  Years later all of the land was returned to the state of NC except for his own 400 acres. 


Father>  John Franklin Jr.



David S. Franklin (1819-1890)

Isaac                     (1805-1865)
Isaiah                    (1804-1900)

Levi Chandler       (1803-1886)

Isaiah C.                ( ?     -1900)

Samuel Joseph       (1807-1890)

John S.                   (1817-1900)

Sarah (Sally)          (1812-1884)


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           John Franklin (Jr.) - (1727-1819)

John Franklin Jr. was the eldest son born to Joh Franklin Sr. and Mary Elizabeth Gooch.  He married Phoebe Parker who was born in 1731 and died in 1821.  John and Phoebe Franklin migrated down the Great Wagon Road from PA and settled in the Lincoln/Catawba County (now Burke) near Connelly Springs, NC.  They both died and burial place unknown in Connelly Springs, NC.


Father> John Franklin Sr.



Samuel Franklin (1787-1857)

John Jr.








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                   John Franklin (Sr.)-(1690-1756)

John Franklin (Sr.) was born 07 Dec 1690 and died 30 Jan 1756 in Suffolk, MA.  He married Mary Elizabeth Gooch who was born 17 Mar 1698 and died 26 Dec 1768 in Boston, Suffolk, MA.  He was the "big brother" of the famous inventor and author of the Declaration of Independence, Benjamin Franklin.

  Josiah Franklin

  John Franklin (Jr.)
  Sarah Elizabeth
  James         (1712-1739)
  Peter           (1737-?)

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        Josiah Franklin (1657-1745)

Josiah Franklin and his parents came from England around 1685, landing in Boston Massachusetts.  He married Abiah Folger.  They are the parents of Benjamin Franklin, John Franklin, James Franklin and others.


Father>  Benjamin Thomas Franklin



John Franklin Sr. 

Benjamin Franklin

James Franklin

Others  ?




Josiah Franklin, seeking freedom from religious persecution came to Boston with his family in 1685.  His first wife (of England) died within two years after they arrived in Boston and he then married Abiah Folger  (1667-1752) of Nantucket, whose father was a surveyor, teacher, clerk of the town and court, and was interpreter for the Colonists and the Indians.  Josiah was of medium stature, very strong, ingenious, skilled in music, (violin and voice), drawing and was a mechanical genius (information gathered from writings of Benjamin Franklin).  Josiah’s son, John was a tallow chandler in Boston and owned the Crown Soap Shoppe.  He was also Postmaster in 1754 and at the time of his death was succeeded in the Post Office by his wife, who was the first woman in the Colonies to hold public office.


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         Benjamin Thomas Franklin (1598-1681)

Benjamin Thomas Franklin was born 08 Oct 1598 and died 24 Mar 1681 in Banbury, Oxford, England.  He married Jane white was born in the year 1620 and died 30 Oct 1662 in Ecton, Northamptonshire, England at the age of 42.

  Henry Franklin

  Josiah Franklin
  Thomas        (1637-1702)
  Samuel         (1641-1664)
  John             (1643-? )  m. Ann Joph
  Joseph          (1646-?)  m. Sarah (Sawah) Pavyer
  Able              (1648-?)
  Benjamin (2nd)  (1650-1727) m. Hannah Wells
  Hannah          (1654-1716) d. 24 Jun 1716 in Ecton Northamptonshire, England
  Benjamin (1st) born in 1689 and died as a youth

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               Henry Franklin (1573 - 1631)

Henry Franklin was born 26 May 1573 and died 23 Oct 1631 in Ecton, Northamptonshire, England.  Spouse unknown.

>Father - Thomas Francklyn

   Benjamin Thomas Franklin
   Hannah               (1598- ?)
   Henry                 (1600-?) d. in VA  m. Agnes James (1575-1646)

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                Thomas Francklyn (1537- ? )

Thomas Francklyn was born in the year 1537 and died in the year ?.  First wife name and children unknown.  Second wife Margaret Meadows.

>Father  - ? Francklyn

 Henry Franklin 
  Robert                (1563 - ? )
  Jane                    (1565 - ? )
  John                    (1567 - ? )
  James                  (1570 - ? )

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              FNU Francklyn (1514 - ? )

First name unknown Francklyn was born in 1514.  Spouse unknown.


   Thomas Francklyn
   Mongerye Francklyn (1540 - ? )
   Margerye Francklyn  (1541 - ? )

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