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   Frances Kathryn Buchanan and Carl Arthur McCallister


       Frances Kathryn was born in 1921.  She married Carl Arthur McCallister.

   Frances and Carl circa mid 1960s

Carl Arthur McCallister was born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, March 28, 1917.  He died from accidential injuries on the job with Springs Industries, Fort Mill, York County, SC Jan 7, 1968.  He and Frances Kathryn Buchanan had seven Children.                                          


Frances Kathryn Buchanan's Father>  Walter Wilburn Buchanan
Carl Arthur McCallister's Father>       George Robert McCallister Jr.



David Carl         (1941-2005)      married Nancy Campbell
Julia Eleen McCallister                married James Fred Herman
Juanda Elnida     (1947-1995)    married Wallace Coleman
Michael Frances                          married Jan Quintin
Kelly Jayne                                 married Willie Honeycutt
Leah Kyle
Laura Ann                                  married Jerry Lowder


Frances Buchanan McCallister and Carl Arthur McCallisther Circa 1940 


            Carl Arthur McCallister was called Carl by his relatives and people who knew him.  He was born in Spartanburg County, South Carolina March 28, 1917.  Living through the “roaring twenties” in the mill town of Whitney, South Carolina, his youth was spent with his large family of brothers and sisters.  In 1934, at the age of sixteen, he began working at a local cotton mill as a weaver.  Unknowingly to him, and most others that worked there, the economic downslide of the 1930s that become known later as The Great Depression would soon affect the direction of his life.

            The mill in Whitney, South Carolina was no different than any other manufacturing business in the United States during the late 1920s and early 1930s.  They over produced.  So did all the farming operations, and they were many, throughout the United States.  The mass overproduction created products and foodstuffs too abundant to be consumed, therefore, prices plummeted.  Millions of people were laid off from their jobs because manufacturing company’s profits were reduced or eliminated and more than one-half of the farms in the United States ceased to produce due to low prices for their products.  The result created massive unemployment and forced over three thousand five hundred banks to close their doors, taking with them the life savings of their loyal depositors.  Compounding any prospect of quick recovery in the United States was the fact the downturn was global. 

            In the early months of the year 1937 at age nineteen, unemployed with no prospect of finding any work anywhere in the United States, much less Whitney, South Carolina, Carl Arthur McCallister joined the United States Army.  Following basic training at Fort Jackson, South Carolina he was sent to a military outpost in Panama, Central America.

            Completing his three year obligation, Carl Arthur McCallister received an honorable discharge from the United States Army in the year 1940.

            Seeking employment in the private sector he located to Fort Mill, South Carolina and agreed to take a job with Springs Industries.  He moved in with his older brother George Roy McCallister who had moved to the Fort Mill, South Carolina area a few years earlier.  George Roy McCallister and his wife Maddie Kate agreed to let Carl live with them when he started his new job. 

            Attending Sunday worship services at the First Baptist Church in Fort Mill, South Carolina, with his brother and sister-in-law, Carl noticed a particular attractive young woman singing in the church choir.  Making eye contact with her, he smiled and winked.  This was the beginning of a relationship that would lead to marriage.  The name of the young girl singing in the choir was Frances Kathryn Buchanan.

             Following their marriage in February 1941—a marriage that would produce seven children--and less than one year from his discharge from military service, Carl Arthur McCallister was recalled to active duty with the United States Army.  Stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina and assigned duty as a fireman at one the base firehouses for one year, he was released from duty in 1942.

Carl Arthur McCallister died at the age of fifty-one on January 8, 1968 from injuries received while at work for Springs Industries Inc., Fort Mill, South Carolina.  He was buried in Unity Cemetery, Fort Mill, South Carolina

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