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August 2007
Back Row:  Avery Herman age 8; Emma Herman age 6
Front Row:  Lenox Herman age 5; Carter Herman age 3

                  Avery and lenox are brother and sister and Emma and Carter are sister and brother



    Book Cover                 Judy & Jim with all 4 grandkids        Judy McCallister Herman age 2

 Ila, Bonnie and Fred Herman  Ila Lee Benfield Herman age 17-1926     Emma Herman age 6 - 2007


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More Carter Photos



Carter Herman's 4th Birthday Party

 Elmira Prison Camp, 1864




                                      Benfield Family Photos

Ila Lee Benfield Herman-Circa 1926-age 17         Willie Joe and Christina Baker Benfield
                                                                                             circa 1950


    Joesph S. Benfield                                                    Elisha Baker-father of Grandma Benfield

         Christina Elizabeth Baker Benfield                                           Elthel and Marvin Benfield

           Marvin and Ethel Benfield's Sons                                Millard and Nerverta Benfield
Francis (Red),Carter,Junior,Clyde & Willie (Buster)

Avery Herman's 9th Birthday slides

Avery Herman's 9th Birthday in Newnan


Avery Herman's 9th birthday celebrated at Newnan, GA where he was playing in a soccer tournament-Sept 2007

Some Benfield and Baker Photos