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                 Ellis Abel Herman Sr. (Jul 9, 1886-Jul 19, 1956)

Ellis Abel Herman Sr. (John Pinkney Herman) (Abel Herman) (George Herman) (Peter Herman) (Johannes Wilhelm Herrmann) (Johann Georg Herrmann) (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr.) (Hans Herrmann

Ellis Abel Herman Sr. married Zora Elvira "Elvie" MCCALL on Oct 8, 1905 in Caldwell County, North Carolina.  Witness to the wedding were W.L. Evans and E.J. Annas.  The ceremony was performed by D.J. Smith, Magistrate.

Ellis Abel Herman Sr. and Zora Elvira "Elvie" McCall had the following children:



>Fred Lee Herman    >Cecil Jones Herman 
                    >Willard Herman>Toye Ellen Herman

                 >Guy Ellis Herman >Ellis Abel Herman Jr.


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