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                  (maternal grandparents of Julia Eleen McCallister Herman)

1.  Muireadeach Tireach (?-356)  Click here for Buchanan origin history>>>>

2.  Eochaid Mugmedon (305-?)

3.  Niall Mor Noigiallach (379-?) m. Rignach Ingen Meadaib

4.  Eogan Find (?-465) m. Indorb Finn White

5.  Muiredach (434-480) m. Ercu Nicloarn

6.  Muirechertach Mor of Ireland (464-536) m. Duach Teangumha

7.  Domhnall Ichealgach (494-566)

8.  Aed Allan MacDomnall (530-607)

9.  Maelfrighrig (?-630)

10. Maelduin (?-705)

11. Fearghal mac Maeleduin (?-718)

12. Conchobhar (?-773)

13. Hrungain (772-?)

14. Dungan (840-?)

15. Dungan Cathain (885-?)

16. Cathusach O. Cathain (900-?)

17. Demoid O. Cathanin (940-1040)

18. Anselan buey O'Kyan (980-?)

19. John McCausland (1040-?)

20. Anselan McCausland (1065-?)

21. Walter McCausland (1100-?)

22. Bernard Gerald McCausland (1150-?)

23. McBeth McCausland (1165-?)

24. Anselan MacCausland (1190-1225)

25. Gilbert Buchanan (1231-1274)

26. Maurice Buchanan (1274-?)

27. Maurice Buchanan (1330-?) m. Margaret Montieth

28. Walter Buchanan (?-?)

29. John Buchanan (1376-?) m. Janet DeLany

30. Walter Buchanan (1443-?) m. Isobel Stewart

31. Thomas Buchanan (1461-?)

32. John Buchanan (1475-?)

33. Thomas Buchanan (1500-?) m. Janet ?

34. John Buchanan (1545-?) m. Elizabeth Livingston

35. George Buchanan (1578-1670)

36. John of Blairlusk Buchanan (1629-1662) m. Jean ?

37. George of Blairlusk Buchanan (1648-1675) m. Elizabeth Mayne

38. Thomas Buchanan (1680-?) m. Jean ?

39. James Buchanan (1710-1751) m. Isabella Games

40. Arthur Buchanan (1743 -1826) m. Mary Boswell

41. William Buchanan (1765-1856) m. Elizabeth Jones

42. Clement Buchanan (1811-1888) m. Mary Sparks

43. Newton Buchanan (1842-1926) m. Malinda Robertson

44. Edmund L Buchanan (1871-1948) m. Julia Emma Franklin

45. Walter Wilburn Buchanan (1888-1974) m. Etha Eleen Vinesett

46. >>>Frances Kathryn Buchanan (1921-2009) (Judy's mother)  m. Carl Arthur McCallister

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              Thomas Buchanan (1680 - ? )

      Thomas Buchanan of Ramelton in the county of Donegal, Ireland was born in 1680.  He and his wife had five sons.  The came to America in 1730.

Father: George Buchanan


Alexander Buchanan                   (1702 - ? )
William Buchanan                        (1704 - ? )
John Buchanan                            (1708 - ? )
Thomas Buchanan
James Buchanan                         (1709 - 1850)



                  James Buchanan (1709 - 1850 )

     James Buchanan was born in Ireland and came to America with his family when he was about twenty-years old.  He married Isabella Games, daughter of James Games in 1733.  They lived in Charles County Maryland.

Father> Thomas Buchanan


Arthur Buchanan          b. 1743
George Buchanan        b. 1736
Sarah Buchanan          b. 1740
James Buchanan          b. 1745
Benedicta Buchanan    b. 1748
Joseph Buchanan        b. 1751  


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             Arthur Buchanan (1743 - 1782)

     Arthur Buchanan married Mary Boswell ( ? - 1788).  They had nine children.


Father> James Buchanan


William John Buchanan                      b. 1765
James Buchanan                                b. 1763 (died as a youth)
Joseph Buchanan                               b. 1767
Anne Buchanan                                  b. 1767 (died as a youth)
Joseph Benedictor Buchanan             b. 1770
Arthur "Arter" Buchanan                    b. 1776
Hannah "Anne" Buchanan                 b. 1779 (named after deceased sister)
James Buchanan                                b. 1780 (twin to Ruth and named after deceased brother)
Ruth Buchanan                                   b. 1780 (twin to James)


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                  William Buchanan (1765 - 1856)


William Buchanan married Elizabeth Jones.



Father>  Arthur Buchanan

Son>  Clement Buchanan


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               Clement Buchanan (1811-1888)

Married Mary Sparks

Father> William Buchanan

Son> Newton Buchanan


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                 Newton Buchanan (1845-1925)

     Newton Buchanan was born July 26, 1845 and died at Old Fort, NC Dec 27, 1925.  He married Malinda Roberson who was born Oct 28, 1845 and died at Old Fort, NC Dec 7, 1925.

Newton Buchanan and Malinda Roberson Buchanan

Father> Clement Buchanan

Children> Edmund Lavancen Buchanan


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Newton Buchanan, the eighth child and fifth son of Clement and Mary Sparks Buchanan, was born on Tuesday July 26, 1842 at the home of his parents on Cane Creek.  Newton married Melinda Robertson.  Both Newton and Melinda died in the year 1925.  He was age eighty-four and she age eighty-one.

As a twenty year old young man in 1862, Newton Buchanan answered the call to join the Confederate Army.  He enlisted in the 58th Regiment, North Carolina Infantry which was formed near his home in Mitchell County, North Carolina.  The Regiment formed in July 1862 and contained twelve companies of Rebel Soldiers.  In September of 1862 the regiment moved to winter quarters across the Blue Ridge and Great Smokey Mountains to Big Creek Gap located near Jacksboro, Tennessee.  Newton fought in battles from Chickamauga Tennessee to Atlanta, Georgia; into South Carolina along the Edisto River; on to North Carolina at Bentonville.

During the Civil War on a trip back home he married Melinda Robertson January 28, 1864.  He was accused of desertation by the home guard, but was cleared by court officials later on in the year after the end of the War.  Following the end of the Civil War, Newton and Melinda Robertson lived on Cane Creek near Bakersville, North Carolina and later near Old Fort, North Carolina.  Here Newton, known as a “mountain man”, and his wife established their family.  Both are buried near their home of many years in Old Fort, North Carolina.

                  Edmund L. Buchanan (1871-1948)

     Edmund Lavancen Buchanan was born April 14, 1871 and died Sept 16, 1948.  He married Julia Emma Franklin who was born July 4, 1873 and died Oct 20, 1959.


 Edmund and Julia Emma Franklin Buchanan





Father>  Newton Buchanan

Walter Wilburn Buchanan
Ara Lee

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                          Walter Wilburn Buchanan (1893-1974)

Walter Wilburn Buchanan was born Dec 13, 1893 in Mitchell County, NC. He died in Fort Mill, York County, SC March 17, 1974.    He married Etha Eleen Vinesett.

              Back Row: Bud, Nancy, Pat, Junior, Marjie, Frances
                   Middle Row: Jack, Papa, Maw-Maw, Mert
                                 Front Row: Larry and Sue

Father> Edmund L. Buchanan


Mary Julia
John Edmund
Frances Kathryn Buchanan
Walter Wilbur Jr.

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             Frances Kathryn Buchanan 1921 - 2009

Frances Kathryn was born  August 21, 1921, died October 28, 2009.  She married Carl Arthur McCallister                                           

Father> Walter Wilburn Buchanan

David Carl
Julia Eleen McCallister
Juanda Elnida
Michael Francis
Kelly Jane
Leah Kyle
Laura Anne



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                            Buchanan Origin

    Before the original Buchanan Clan was formed in 1225 it was known as Clan MacAuslane, founded by Anselan, a descendent of Anselan O’Kyan, King of Ulster in Ireland.  Anselan O’Kyan was forced to leave his native Ireland due to the many intrusions of the Danes.  His clan took refuge in Scotland, on the northern coast of Argylshire, near Lennox, around the year 1016.  The Anselan Clan settled permanently in Stirlingshire on the north side of Loch Lomond in Scotland.  The land was given as a reward by royal grant from King Malcolm II of Scotland, in connection with the estates of the Earl of Lennox for their role in helping to defend Scotland from the invading Danes.

     Handed down through Buchanan families for centuries is this story:   The Danes had invaded and occupied Ireland on and off for centuries.  Amassing troops on the western Ireland frontier in preparation to invade Scotland in the year 1014, the Danish leaders called for a pre-invasion celebration.  Swein The Fork Beard ordered his generals to round up one thousand beautiful daughters of the Irish nobility to service his troops.  The Danish leaders implemented a plan that would prevent the Danes from invading Scotland by disguising one thousand young Irish men as women; with long Irish Scains or knives concealed under their feminine clothing, the plan worked and the Danes were massacred.  One of these young men was Anselan O’Kyan.

     Later in 1225, a descendent of Anselan also called by the same name, obtained a charter for a small island in Lock Lomond called Clareinch.  He had three sons; Coleman, who took on the MacColman name; Methle, who took on the Macmillian name, and Gillebrid, who took on the surname Buchanan.  The Buchanan name was derived from the land settled by Anselan, his sons and the clan he brought with him from Ireland.  Originally the land area was known by the Gaelic name of Buth Chanain, meaning Canon House, thus the name Buchanan was born.

     From these Scottish roots the Buchanan descendants grew in numbers.  Over the centuries many migrated westward to Ireland seeking greater opportunity; others southward into the English Countryside.  The Buchanan Clan prospered throughout the British Isles, but did not escape the political unrest, many wars and religious turmoil which occurred over the centuries.    

     Similar to Herrmann, Benfield and McCallister immigrants seeking freedom to worship and political stability, families with the surname of Buchanan found voyage to America in the 18th century, settling mostly in Virginia and Maryland.


Buchanan American History


1730 – The Merry Lands in the Commonwealth of Virginia


Thomas Buchanan left Ireland and settled his family in Charles County, Merry Lands of the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Thomas, along with his wife and five sons, was one of the earliest settlers in this part of the American Colonies—the northeastern part of the Virginia Commonwealth.  Considered a wealthy landowner in Ireland, from where his father George Buchanan and family located from Scotland, Thomas purchased substantial acreage from the British Crown in the Charles County Township.

One of his sons, James Buchanan whom was born in Ireland in the year 1709, married Isabella Games, the daughter of James and Mary Games, in the year of 1763.  All of James and Isabella Games children were born on their large tobacco farm in the Merry Lands of the Virginia Colony.  Their Children were:  James Buchanan Jr., born in 1745; George Buchanan, born in 1736; Sarah Buchanan, Born in 1738; Arthur Buchanan, born in 1742; Benedictor Buchanan, born in 1748, and Joseph Buchanan, born in 1751.

James Buchanan died in the year 1751 at the age of thirty-nine, just a few months past the birth of his sixth child.  His wife Isabella was left with all of the children to care for on her own.  At the time of his death the six children ranged in age from one year old Joseph to fifteen year old George.  Isabella remained on the family farm until her death more than twenty years later and never remarried.


The second oldest male child, Arthur Buchanan, married a young girl from a neighboring farm in the year 1762 when he turned age twenty.  Her name was Mary Boswell.  Several years following their marriage, in the early 1780s following the end of the Revolutionary War, Arthur and his family, along with his brother James Buchanan Jr., traveled down the great wagon road to the western lands of Carolina.  With new lands opening up in the southern Blue Ridge Mountains of Burke and Rutherford Counties, North Carolina, they settled and purchased land near the township of Rutherfordton, North Carolina.

Arthur and Mary Boswell Buchanan had nine children of which two died in their early youth.  The Children were named: James born in 1763 (died as a youth); William John born in 1765; Annie born in 1767(died as a youth); Joseph Benedictor born in 1770; Arthur “Arter” born in 1776; Hannah Ann “Annie” born in 1779 (named in memory after the first Annie who died); James born in 1780 (named in memory after the first James who died), and a twin to James named Ruth who was also born in 1780.  Arthur and Mary Boswell Buchanan were considered pioneers to this area, especially since the Cherokee Indian Nation was less than fifty miles west of their home.  Arthur and Mary Boswell Buchanan lived in this area of the low Blue Ridge Mountains until their deaths.


William John Buchanan, the second son of Arthur and Mary Boswell Buchanan was born in the Merry Lands of Virginia in the year 1765.  He married Elizabeth Jones.  In the year 1809 he and his wife sold all their land in and near the township of Rutherfordton and moved northwest to the higher mountains of the Blue Ridge.  Purchasing land on Cane Creek near the township of Bakersville, North Carolina they lived the remainder of their lives here.  This area of the large Burke County later became Yancy County in 1833 and Mitchell County in 1861.  William died in 1856 at the age of ninety-one.

William John and Elizabeth Jones Buchanan had sixteen Children:


Mary Jane Buchanan (1794-1855)
George Benedict Buchanan
(1795 - ? )
Elizabeth Buchanan (1797-1854)
            William Greenberry Buchanan (1799-1876)

James Buchanan (1800-1882)

Anne Buchanan (1802- ?)

John A. Buchanan (1803-1879)

Arthur Buchanan (1804-1890)

Sarah “Sally” Buchanan (1806-1822)

Martha “Patsey” Buchanan (1808- ?)

Leonard L. Buchanan (1809-1881)

Clement Buchanan (1811-1888)

Lewis Buchanan (1813-1877)

Nancy Buchanan (1814-1881)

Ruth Buchanan (1816- ?)
Joseph Alexander Buchanan (1818-1879)

Reprinted from "Voyage to America 1766" by author consent

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