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  Jim Herman grew up in western North Carolina and now lives in Georgia.  He divides his time between writing, oil painting, playing golf and tennis, and most of all spending time with his four grandchildren and the love of his life, Julia Eleen McCallister.

Following an early retirement from General Electric Company April 1, 2001, Jim's time is spent researching and writing historical fiction and non-fiction books about the past.  He also has contributed many articles for two Atlanta, Georgia area magazines.  During the first two years following retirement, he fullfilled a life long desire to teach high school by substitute teaching at three local high schools near his home in Lawrenceville, Georgia.  Writing, playing golf and tennis, traveling, spending time with his four grandchildren and his spouse Julia, are his passions in life.   


Jim Herman's first book, Resurrected Memories: The Story of A Lifetime, was published June, 2004 and revised published January 2012.  His second book, Voyage to America, 1766, was published June 2006. His third book, Cajah's Mountain, was published January 2012 and his fourth book Dirt Mountain Mystery in July 2012.


"If I had known many years ago that writing could be so much fun, I would have started much earlier!  Everyone, save none, has a story to tell and I'm going to tell every last one I can remember!" 


Jim's story is..............................


.........the story of a lifetime!



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