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                                                             James Fred Herman 

...Herman          1610 to 2003    (Hans Herrmann to Carter Milling Herman-grandson)

...McCall           1520 to 1886    (Sir John McCall to Zora Elvira McCall-paternal grandmother)

...Benfield         1680 to 1909    (John Benfield to Ila Lee Benfield-mother)

...Baker            1418 to 1880    (Thomas Baker to Christina Elizabeth Baker-maternal         grandmother)

...Bradshaw       1471 to 1834    (William Bradshaw to Jane Bradshaw-maternal great grandmother)

                                                         Julia Eleen McCallister

...McCallister      1801 to 1917  (Abram McCallister to Carl McCallister-father)

...Buchanan        300 to 1921    (Muireadeach Tireach to Francis Kathryn Buchanan-mother)

...Franklin          1514 to 1873   (FNU Franklin to Julia Emma Franklin-maternal great grandmother)

...Sprinkle          1527 to 1888  (Johann Peter Sprenckel to Julia Rose Sprinkle McCallister "granny mac")

...Vinesett         1770 to 1896   (John Vinesett to Etha Eleen Vinesett-grandmother)

...Humphries      1750 to 1875   (William Humphries to Mary Ezell Humphries--great, grandmother)










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                                        James Fred Herman                Julia Eleen McCallister

Julia and Jim Herman  -  1964

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