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                         Sir John McCall (1520 - ? )


Sir John McCall was born in Kenmore, Perth Scotland and married Mary Richardson in 1540.  They left Scotland to reside in Belfast, Ireland where they raised five children.

(Following information from Clan McCall of America: (http://www.clanmccall.org/stories.htm) Note:this WEB is no longer avaialble...

     John MacColl was born,1520, in a small village, Kenmore, near Loch Tay/Fyne?. He became a cleric and as is customary in Scotland for non college clerics he was called Sir.  From church records, he was signing or sealing his name as Sir John Makcau (local spelling?) in 1537.  By 1544, he was Sir John Makall(in Edinburgh) and in 1547, Makcav was on his seal (Archdeacon of Lismore). In 1565, he was granted a coat of arms as Sir John Makcalla and was Archdeacon in Belfast. While in Belfast the spelling changed to Sir John Mccall.

Father>  ?

Son> Robert McCall (1542)
         George (1544)
         John (1550)

         Mary (1543)
         Susie (1547)

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