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                 Sydney McCall (1828 - 1862)


Sydney McCall was born around 1828 to 1832. He was a soldier for the South in the American Civil War and died at the battle of Sharpsburg MD Sept 17, 1862.  He was married to Mary Perlene Bradshaw born Jul 1, 1832; died Dec 8, 1906.

See below:  Letter from Sydney McCall during Civil War - 1862

    Also Letter from a friend telling his wife of his death - 1862

      Also a Resolution about him from North Catawba Church - 1864 

Father> James McCall

Son> Robert Elijah McCall


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 Camp Lee near Richmond                                              Virginia August 28th 1862


           Dear wife I am thankful to my maker that I am permitted to (  ? write  ) you ( ? once ) again to Let you know that I am well.  and hope these few lines will find you well and the children well.  I can say to you that I would Rejoice to see you again and the children but I don't know when I will have that chance .  we left Camp ( ? ..ill) Caste Monday Morning and got here last night about ( ?) o' clock in the night and there is a great site to be seen here today they are drilling with the artillery at this time.   I don't know how long we will stay here.  I want you to write to me how you and the children are and how you are getting along.  I want you to move all the rest of the things.  If you can't moved them.  Write how Ramsey is a doing.  It  ( ? my) will I want you to see to how the corn and things as much as you have the chance.  I can tell you I ( ? dislike) a soldiers life is a hard life though we get a plenty of flour and ( ? ) corn ( ? ) draw our company.  ( ? ) crackers and meat in Raleigh and we traveled today and night and had no chance to cook ours and had to eat it raw and  the ( ? corn ) were so hard that we hardly eat them but if can get that we will do well.  We ( ? ) to go to the 22 or the 26 but they would not have us we have to the (? ).  I can tell you they are the meanest officers yet I ever saw at camp ( ? ) ( ? ).  We had not the chance of a nigger.  I had to get a pass to go to Statesville last Saturday.  We hardly could ( ? ) out of the lines.  I don't think it will be so here our officers is here and they appear to be clean men.  I think I hear that they have been fighting up about Yadkinville and Old Jackson has walloped them badly they say.  Fairwell my dear wife.  Write soon and let me know how you are getting along for I am anxious to hear from you once more.  ( ? ) ( ? )  Sidney McCall.

Death Letter from a friend




 Near Winchester Virginia                                                          October 8, 1862


Miss Sydney McCall,


                      In fulfillment of a promise I made your husband but which I delayed on your account.  I feel it my painful duty to announce to you the fact that your husband is dead.  He was stricken by a ball in the left breast while nobly rushing to the battle Sharpsburg Maryland.  We all sympathize with you in your sad bereavement, but ( ? )  ( ? )( ? ) that your life is his again.  Such are the fortunes of ( ? ) and such may be and not before long. 

Your friend,

Julius A Duton

Church Resolution

Resolution Regarding Sidney McCall, CSA

By North Catawba Baptist Church

Route 3, Lenoir, NC

June 1864


The Baptist church of Christ, at North Catawba in conference, Saturday before the second Sabbath in June, 1864, passed the following preamble and resolution as a tribute of respect to the memory of their departed brother, Sidney McCall.


Whereas having learned with regret the death of Brother sidney McCall a worthy and exemplary member of this church, who fell in defense of his country in the battle Sharpsburg, Maryland.


Not only has the country lost a noble and valiant soldier, but the church has sustained an unreparable loss in the death of this pious and noble brother who we believe was faithful in the discharge of Christian duties, endeavoring to adorn the doctrine of God our Savior in all things.


Therefore, Resolved that we hereby tender our heartfelt sympathy to his afflicted and bereaved wife, in the loss of a tender husband, praying that God may sustain her in this her sore trial that she may not sorrow, as those who have no hope.


Resolved this preamble and resolutions be entered on the church book and a copy of the same to sent to his bereaved wife.;  While his wife, the church and the friends have sustained a loss that can never be replaced, still we trust that this loss is his eternal gain.