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               Fred Lee Herman (Jun 27, 1906-Jun 30, 1963)

Fred Lee HERMAN (Ellis Abel Herman Sr.) (John Pinkney Herman) (Abel Herman) (George Herman) (Peter Herman) (Johannes Wilhelm Herrman) (Johann Georg Herrmann) (Martin Herrmann) (Hans Herrmann Jr.) (Hans Herrmann)

Fred Lee Herman married Ila Lee BENFIELD       in Caldwell County North Carolina.  Witness to the ceremony were Mae and W.R. Bowman.  The Rev. Marshall W. Setzer conducted the marriage ceremony.

     Being the oldest child, Fred Lee Herman born June 27, 1906, experienced the best and the worse for his position in the sibling order.  As an infant, the first one of six that survived, he enjoyed the full attention of his young parents Ellis Abel and Elvy McCall Herman.  This changed as he grew older upon the arrival of his younger brothers and one sister.  Family chores around the small farm were numerous and he contributed at an early age with his share of the chores.  Before he was twelve years old in the year 1918, Fred Lee Herman started to work full time in a cotton mill five miles from home.  There he worked twelve hours a day with pay set at fifty-cents per hour.  In his spare time he plowed ground, planted and harvested crops, took care of the annual hog production, and tended to the mules and cows on the small family farm in the North Catawba Church area of Caldwell County, North Carolina.

     Not far away, living less than three miles further west, a young Benfield girl four years younger than Fred Lee Herman was also learning to care for younger brothers and sisters.  Although both of them were knowledgeable of each other while they were youths, there would be no attraction until both reached their early twenties; and then it would not be here in the backwoods of Burke/Caldwell County near the Catawba River that they would meet; but instead in the small town of Lenoir, North Carolina, some ten miles away.  Her name was Ila Lee Benfield. 

     Leaving the area to work almost two years in the coal mines located in the State of West Virginia, he returned and married Ila Lee Benfield.  They lived all their life in Caldwell County, North Carolina.  After living at many different addresses in the post office districts of Lenoir and Hudson, North Carolina, they finally built a home in the Cajah’s Mountain Community.  This home was located on the Connelly Springs Road about five miles from the North Catawba Community where they both lived in their youth.
                     Fred Lee Herman was found dead in his automobile near Hudson, North Carolina on June 30, 1963, three days past his fifty-seventh birthday.  Ila Lee Benfield Herman who was born September 7, 1909 died June 25, 1994 at the age of eighty-four.
                Grave sites are located at Union Grove Baptist Church Cemetary, Union Grove Church Road, Caldwell County, Cajah's Mountain, North Carolina.

Fred Lee Herman and Ila Lee Benfield had the following children:

>Bonnie Mae Herman

>Brenda Kay Herman

>James Fred Herman

>Michael Dennis Herman


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Fred Lee Herman with brothers and sister circa 1935

Pictured left to right: Toye, Fred, Guy, Willard, Junior and Cecil


Below: Fred Herman's wife Ila and his brothers, sister, sisters in law and brother in law: Standing L-R: Kat Herman, Burl Knox, Ruth, Ruby (Cecil), Ruby (Junior); seated L-R: Guy, Toye, Willard, Cecil, Ila and Junior.  Circa 1965

                                                                             Guy Herman and
                                                                       Toye Ellen Herman Knox

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